Serving and Empowering People.

Providing Resources for Life, Leisure, and Learning.

Ballot Measure 7A failed. We are deeply saddened by the outcome of the election but we are committed to providing the best possible library services for Delta County within the constraints that we have. It is clear that, at this time, the voters of Delta County do not support maintaining and expanding library programs and services in Delta County. In the months to come, we will be further reducing hours, services and programs. Despite the outcome, so many people have rallied around us in recent months and we are tremendously grateful for their support.

Every library in Delta County will continue with normal operating hours and services for the month of November 2019. Beginning December 5, 2019 through January 2, 2020, every library in Delta County will be closed Thursdays for all-staff meetings. Starting the week of January 6, 2020, there will be a new schedule for the library district that reduces hours and days countywide. This will be posted as soon as possible.

Our Focus

  • Expand service hours

  • Grow youth learning opportunities

  • Increase adult education and senior services

  • Expand printed materials and digital resources

How is the library evolving in the digital age?

  • We provide personalized technology assistance in a friendly environment

  • We offer a new, user-friendly website that is compatible with all devices

  • We expand access to high-speed internet, digital content, and mobile devices

  • Our online library grants access to online courses, downloadable content, and research resources

  • Our youth programs are designed to help students develop skills for success

  • Our High School Equivalency program provides adults an opportunity to achieve educational goals

  • Our staff delivers books and reads to seniors

  • Our partnership with the school district increases student and educator access to valuable and diverse educational resources



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