The Delta Library is thrilled to announce the official launch of the Delta Library Innovation Workspace (DLIW), a dynamic hub designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and community growth. 

Join us February 3, from 10:00am to 2:00pm as we introduce our new co-working space, Makerspace, and more! We will have inspiring speakers, demonstrations of Makerspace equipment, and tours throughout the day, as well as fun activities happening in the Delta Library. The launch event, DLIW Launch and Tool-Raiser, will feature an exciting blend of demonstrations, insightful speakers, snacks, and a unique fundraising initiative for the Makerspace.

The Delta Library Innovation Workspace is located within the same building as Delta Library at 124 E 6th Street. The Innovation Workspace houses a Makerspace and Coworking Center, bringing new opportunities for innovation and connection to Delta.

Event Highlights

  • Tool-Raiser: Help us build a vibrant Makerspace by contributing to our Tool-Raiser. Please refer to our Makerspace Wishlist here:
  • Speakers: Engage with inspiring speakers from the DLIW staff and local community, sharing insights into the significance of the new Innovation Workspace.
  • Tours: Explore the state-of-the-art facilities with guided tours showcasing the co-working space, Makerspace, and Library.
  • Demonstrations: Experience live demonstrations of the Makerspace equipment and witness the potential for creativity and innovation.

For more information on the Innovation Workspace, visit

Within the Delta Library, we will have a variety of fun activities for all ages, including:

STEAM activity centers:
  • Chemical Reactions:  Create elephant toothpaste.
  • States of Matter:  Make your own Oobleck.
  • Engineering:  House of Cards Challenge and Build Your Own Catapult.  (Participants can demonstrate their catapults using different items & measure how far the items are thrown)
  • Sewing Center: Make a fabric bracelet.
  • Lego and Big Block building center

Literacy Programs

11:00 a.m. bilingual story time English/Karen
11:30 – 12:30 Language Lessons.  Learn basic greetings & numbers in the Karen and Spanish languages!
1:00 – Bilingual story time English/Spanish
Exhibit: Know Your Neighbor
In coordination with Tri County Health Network, there will be an exhibit sharing stories and photos of the immigrant and refugee experience as told by two families in the Delta and west end communities. Know Your Neighbor is a weekly conversation circle where people from different backgrounds are paired up to exchange language, stories, and get to know each other. Currently, we offer activities and conversations in Spanish, Karen, and English at the Delta Library, which is hosted by TriCounty Health Network. This program is open to all language levels. Delta has a diverse community with wonderful people from many backgrounds. These conversation circles create intercultural harmony and allow our community to mingle in new ways. If you are interested in signing up, please call TriCounty Health Network at 970-708-7096.
Coffee, refreshments and treats will be provided by the Delta Friends of the Library.