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By Tracy Ihnot

February is National Library Lovers Month and a wonderful time to celebrate the reciprocal love between libraries and library patrons.

Libraries are constantly transforming to meet the needs of the communities they serve, and during the uncertain and often turbulent times of the pandemic, this continues to be overwhelmingly true.

In 2021, Delta County Libraries brought back some of the in-person programming that the community values and expects. Children’s Storytimes are one example of a beloved library program that, while still popular in a virtual setting, is much preferred in person.

The libraries have restored their pre-COVID schedule of weekly Storytimes throughout Delta County. “In December alone, we saw over 200 attendees at our Storytimes,” says LaDonna Gunn, District Director of Delta County Libraries. “Our Storytimes are geared toward supporting children ages 0 through 5, and their parents or caretakers, in the development of essential early literacy skills.”


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