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By Tracy Ihnot

There are so many ways to enjoy spring in Delta County. The first warm days beckon us to leave our coats behind, go for a walk, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and prepare our garden beds for the growing season.

The libraries transition from winter to spring along with the community and, in doing so, offer many services to add enjoyment to this glorious season.

1)    Check Out Seeds. The Delta County Seed Library has been providing library patrons with access to seeds, seed-saving programs, and seed resources since the spring of 2013. Every year in March, thousands of seed packets are available for library patrons to take home and plant in their gardens

2)    Walk a Storywalk®. StoryWalks® are a great way for families to get outdoors and read together by walking along a trail or through a park, while reading a storybook posted on panels. Delta County Libraries, through various partnerships, offers four StoryWalks® in Delta County. Visit Crawford State Park, Delta County Fairgrounds, Surface Creek Trail, and Sweitzer Lake State Park to enjoy a StoryWalk®!

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