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By Tracy Ihnot

It is easy to forget to be thankful during the brief window of time between Halloween costumes and holiday shopping. Black cats and pumpkins are already being replaced with Christmas music and children’s toys on the shelves of many stores, encouraging consumers to buy, buy, buy! November is a good time to remember that some very valuable things do not come with a price tag.

There is a multitude of reasons to be thankful for libraries in this season of giving. Here are five of those reasons, directly from library patrons.

Reason #1: I Save Money. “My library card is the only card I have that really saves me money! I save hundreds, if not a thousand, dollars a year! Between the books and movies we check out and the seed library, we save tons. Now, if I could only remember to take full advantage of the library, that would save us even more.”

Reason #2: I Have Access to Resources. “I love my library for myriad reasons. Lately, I have been most excited about the fact that I can read The New York Times every day, for free, through Delta County Libraries’ website.”

Reason #3: My Privacy Matters. “Libraries and Librarians have actually been bastions of privacy warriors. They defend people’s rights to privacy, like protecting your right to check out materials and your reading history, keeping them private. Also, the interlibrary loan system is awesome. Support your local library!”

Reason #4: I Love Books! “What I love about my library is the books it contains that free your mind from current life events, and spin you into another world. Oh, the things you can learn just by picking up a non-fiction book! And NOW! The library has joined the wonderful Marmot world which allows you not just use of your local library, but ALL other libraries that carry books our local one doesn’t.”

Reason #5: I Value the Summer Reading Program. “The summer reading program encourages people of all ages to read. It is a fond memory of mine growing up. I love participating with my own kids now.”


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