Are you ready to grow? The Delta County Seed Library has seeds available for patrons to take home and plant! Visit the libraries in person or use the online seed catalog to browse and select seeds.

Seeds contain stories, recipes, and a way of life that is passed from one gardener to the next. By offering a collection of heirloom seeds to grow, harvest, and return, we hope to inspire a community of growers who learn to save seeds for continued and future use. We hope to encourage the discovery of nature through gardening. By continuing the time-honored cultural tradition of seed saving, we hope to inspire a sense of heritage and a community of giving among local farmers, neighborhood gardeners, and anyone interested in growing food, herbs, and flowers.

“The seeds being distributed may not meet germination or varietal purity standards prescribed by the state seed law. Patented seed or varieties protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act will not be accepted or distributed without permission of the certificate holder.”

In 2013, the North Fork Seed Library was given the People’s Choice Grant Award and received a small grant from The North Fork Heart and Soul project, an organization dedicated to growing our local community. Numerous seed companies and community members generously donated hundreds of seeds to start the project. Then, in March 2017, Alpine Bank generously sponsored the seed library with the funds needed to expand the program to the whole county, thus becoming the Delta County Seed Library. Dedicated volunteers and staff continue to work hard to sort, package, and label the seeds so you can have a rewarding gardening experience!

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this project, including sponsors, donors, and volunteers!


Seed Saving ABC’s

Check out some basic definitions that will be helpful if you are just getting into seed saving and gardening.

Seed Planting Guide

Get introduced to the basics of Colorado crops with this handy PDF

Richmond Grows

See another Seed Library in action! Remember the adage “What you reap, so shall you sow.”

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

A nonprofit organization working to connect communities in the Mountain West with the local seeds that sustain them.

Donate seeds! To share your saved seeds with your community,  bring your dry, clearly labeled seeds in a sealed plastic bag to your local library. Choose the Library you will be donating seeds to and fill out the form online:

If you have any questions contact your local library. You can also print this form and bring it in with your seeds.