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By Tracy Ihnot

The school supplies of today look different from what they did 20 years ago. Technology has transformed the academic world, from preschools to universities alike, and it comes at a high cost.

According to Fortune magazine, “back-to-school shopping will average $661 per student this year, thanks to inflation.”

A library card, however, is free.

Delta County Libraries prepares thousands of student library cards for distribution across the county each year. “We have distributed nearly 2,400 student library cards since the beginning of August,” explains LaDonna Gunn, district director for Delta County Libraries.

Students use the cards for a variety of purposes, including conducting research and accessing downloadable books. “We value these student library cards because they provide access to reliable, age-appropriate online resources for all of our students,” says Shannon Castle, art and upper elementary teacher at North Fork Montessori school in Crawford.


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